UNISON responds to the general election result
16 June 2017

‘The fightback starts here – but there's still a lot to do’


NEC welcomes general election result and prepares for work ahead

The general election result “is the start of our fightback, but there’s a lot more to do,” general secretary Dave Prentis declared in his report to the union’s national executive council yesterday.

The result – which saw Labour turn around a 20-point opinion poll deficit and gain seats to deny the Conservatives a majority – had dispelled three political myths.These were that:

  • “young people are not interested in politics”;
  • “the people have have accepted austerity”;
  • “you can never win if you pitch to the left”.

The meeting heard that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to UNISON to specifically thank the union for our work in helping to deliver the election result.

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