Bullying, harassment and abuse at work - Survey
10 August 2017


Dear All,


Below is the info and link for you and your colleague to complete bullying, harassment and abuse at work survey. It takes literally 5 to 6  minutes to complete. Would you please send it to your colleagues if possible?Your feedback is much appreciated. 


Bullying, harassment and abuse at work – tell us what you think, so we can stop it


Our staff survey takes place once a year but work to make improvements based on what you tell us is constant.  


Last year, 23% of staff reported that they had experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from other staff in the previous year. This is only slightly above the national average (22%) but is far too high.


We want to understand your experiences and make changes to stop it. Nobody should experience bullying, harassment or abuse at work.


We’ve put together a quick survey, which is anonymous, so you can tell us more – you can fill it out online here.


If you are worried about bullying, harassment or abuse and you want support, please approach your manager in the first instance if you are able to. If you feel like this isn’t an option for you, or you want additional support, you can:


·        Contact People at Work, our Employee Assistance Programme, which offers support and advice to staff including emotional support and counselling.

You can call 020 3286 1545 or visit Trustnet for more information. Staff in Milton Keynes and Surrey, use this link.


·        Contact your trade union representative. Visit Trustnet for more information. Staff in Milton Keynes and Surrey, use this link.


·        Speak to a different manager in your service or contact your HR business, partner.


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