The staff survey
05 October 2017

Very Important Message to all Unison Members and their Work Colleagues

The staff survey is here once again and Your view counts

I completed  my questionnaire in 16 mins, on receiving it from Quality health and I can tell you it is worth doing if you want to make your working conditions better. Your answers will be treated with absolute confidence  and no one in CNWL will be able to identify your individual responses. You may also be one of the lucky ones to receive gifts of tablets, IPads from the Trust and Circulation Boosters from UNISON


Tips to complete your questionnaire


Take  a photograph of your username and password with your I phone and get yourself  registered by copying them in the box provided(or simply write them down and proceed afterward)


Following the staff survey results in 2016, the Staff Survey Partnership Steering Group has been working tirelessly on 8 factors aimed at improving your working and family lives and patients care. You said, we heard and we did


  1. Work related stress
  2. Manager’s interest in health and wellbeing
  3. Discrimination and lack of opportunities
  4. Violence on the wards and elsewhere
  5. Effective appraisals
  6. Flexible working/working additional hours
  7. Bullying and harassment
  8. How to retain staff


Every Tuesday, I will provide you with an update of registrants and  a brief of what is being done on one of the Items above  which may answer this myth, 'nothing gets done anyway, so why bother'

Rami Jumnoodoo

Branch Secretary Unison and staff side chair

Mobile no:07958367753

To become a member, please contact:

Nisha Parmar


UNISON CNWL Branch - 07713459165 , 02089376384

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